Class 2: Back To The Basics

(30 min)
Jules Mitchell

Always teaching from experience, reminding students to stay calm, focused, and within the moment, Rudy uses his wit and charisma to motivate his students. His teaching style helps beginners understand the asana and can revive even the most seasoned yogi’s practice, breathing in new life with a deeper physical and philosophical understanding.

Each practice with Rudy is an adventure but the result is always the same, elation from meeting a challenge head-on that helps create a strong and resilient physique and mind. Armed with a huge heart, wicked sense of humor, and fierce belief in the practice, Rudy’s enthusiasm for yoga shines through in every class helping each of his students to become a yoga warrior themselves.

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UDAYA Yoga allows you to try all the different styles of yoga in a variety of different settings and class lengths.

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More Than Just Yoga

UDAYA Yoga classes are created and taught by world-renowned instructors in studios used to film major motion pictures with live soothing music to further enhance the experience.


UDAYA Yoga is a way of life that will bring the following into your life:



Results You Can See

In just a few days you will begin to see your range of motion increase as well as a sense of having better posture and less aches and pains.

Transformation You Can Feel

Your body & mind will feel more in tune with one another, you will learn to listen to your body and quiet the thoughts flooding your mind from the daily stresses of life.

Life Changing Benefits


– Greater flexibility
– Muscular strength & conditioning
– Muscular stamina
– Faster recovery from exercises
– Become less prone to injury

– Peace of mind
– More focus
– Better mood
– Better sleep
– Reduction in Anxiety


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